Leap beyond

New worlds await


Exidium Corporation is an industrial and research consortium focusing on space exploration and planetary excavation. Leader in its field, the corporation has become the reference for outer space expatriations, colonization, environment analysis and indigenous threat control. Exidium's activities include notably:

  • Exploring distant space in search of colonizable planets, extractable resources, undiscovered lifeforms or stellar phenomena data gathering,
  • Manufacturing and delivering high-end equipment required for the above tasks,
  • Transporting pioneers to exoplanets and supplying colonies,
  • Researching new technologies on various areas, such as defense, transport, communication, maintenance, energy etc…,
  • Securing commercial routes.


Exploring the outer reaches of space is challenging. Through conquest of technology, Exidium Corp. gives freedom and security to explorers, thousands of light years away. We perfect vehicles, energy systems, containment structures and propulsion engines to bring groundbreaking high-end equipment for planetary operations. Our most recent patents involve real-time hyperspace communications and will soon open the path to remote space exploration at a whole new scale.


In the past decade we concentrated our exploration activities within the Orion Nebula, a dense star cluster of the Milky Way galaxy. Recent findings in this region of space led to numerous expeditions and excavations. Ground operations currently involve most of our detachments in this sector as well as our latest remote controlled hovering designs. 2 years ago, our experts reported unprecedented life signatures in a small, distant, planetary system, letting us envision greater plans for future explorations. Ones for which we need you.